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Split case pump
ProductTitle: High Quality Sludge Mining Diesel Enigine Slurry Pump
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The Slurry Pump for the bracket, the horizontal-type gentrifugalism dregs thick liquid pumps. Is suitable to industry sector and so on the metallurgy, mine, coal, electric power, building materials transports the strong abrasion, the highly concentrated dregs thick liquid. This type pumps also may the multistage series use.


Including but not limited to the following areas:
1. Rivers, lakes, sea, reservoirs, pumping sand.
2. Rivers, lakes, reservoirs, pumping port dredging silt.
3. Pumping sand beneficiation: Select iron sand pumping, pumping sand gold, rare earths, such as pumping sand election.
4. Sewage treatment plant settling ponds cleanup.
5. Municipal pipelines, storm water pumping station, hydroelectric sediment cleanup.
6. Construction (sinking bridge construction, etc.) discharge of sediment, mud.
7. Steel plant blast furnace slag, slag, pumping iron oxide delivery.
8. Concentrator tailings, slag, slurry transportation.
9. Coal cinder, coal, coal slurry cleanup.
10. Power plant fly ash, coal, coal slurry transportation.
11. Slurry transport materials containing various impurities.
12. Delivery of other media containing large solid particles.


1.  low noise and vibration
2.  metal or rubber liner
3.  corrosion resistance
4.  good sealing effects
5.  we can change the colors as you need
6.  we have the quality stander ensure 
7.  smooth operation and high effenciency
8.  quick-wear parts has a long life


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