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What are the characteristics of self-priming sewage pump equipment?

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/9/27 12:00:48

  The self priming trash pump is sometimes called a self-priming centrifugal pump. Its structure and characteristics are actually improved on some of the original self-priming pumps. Mainly based on the characteristics of some excellent foreign self-priming pumps, combined with the special situation of domestic production and use to analyze, targeted to develop such a self priming trash pump. At present, the machines used in our country are all domestically produced, and the equipment characteristics are more in line with the needs of the use situation. Let me briefly talk about the characteristics of self priming trash pump equipment?

self priming trash pump

  1. Improve the passing capacity of pollutants: because it uses a double-blade impeller structure on the equipment, it can make some pollutants with a longer length can be smoothly discharged through the sewage pump, which is why municipal engineering and some The sewage projects of public facilities are like to use this kind of pump.

  2. Its own structural characteristics: this equipment uses a closed oil chamber to operate, which reduces the pollution and friction of the equipment from the outside world. In addition, its overall structure is more compact and smaller in size, so it can generate less noise, so it is more convenient whether you are repairing or replacing it.

  3. No need for human supervision: an automatic control cabinet is used to control the entire system, so when you use it, you don't need to arrange another person to take care of the equipment.

  4. Avoid entering the sump during maintenance: When some previous machines were used in sewage discharge occasions, they would need to enter the sump area for maintenance if they failed. And this new type of self-priming pump is equipped with installation methods according to user needs. Therefore, during maintenance, there is no need to enter the sump for maintenance.

  5. There is no need to build a pump room: this self-priming pump can be used outdoors very well, and there is no need to build a pump room to install this equipment, so it actually saves money when used outdoors.

  Relatively speaking, the changes in equipment characteristics of the self priming trash pump are mainly modified according to some special conditions currently used in China. Especially when it is used in some sewage facilities, it is very inconvenient to repair it because it is often blocked. And this new type of pump considers these details a little more.

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