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fire pump set is an essential choice for security

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  The main heat dissipation methods of fire pump set can be divided into two types: wind heat dissipation and water heat dissipation. According to the two heat dissipation principles, the water heat dissipation system dissipates heat evenly and has a good heat dissipation effect. The relative price is relatively low, so most fire pumps mainly use water for heat dissipation. Wind heat dissipation is divided into two types: natural wind and forced wind. Natural wind uses the airflow coming in from the machine in motion to directly cool the cylinder head, cylinder block and other parts; forced wind refers to the use of a fan to increase the passage through the heat sink The airflow at the place increases the cooling speed and area. The principle of water heat dissipation is to use water or antifreeze as the cooling medium to take away the heat of the high temperature parts of the fire pump engine to ensure the normal operating temperature of the engine.

  The fire-fighting water provided by most fire-fighting water sources needs to be pressurized by a fire pump set to meet the requirements for water pressure and water volume during fire fighting. The failure of the water pump due to improper installation and maintenance will inevitably affect fire fighting and rescue and cause unnecessary losses. Compared with domestic water pumps and production water pumps, fire pumps should have higher performance requirements. However, my country's current regulations do not make detailed special regulations on the performance and test requirements of fire pumps, resulting in no evidence to check when selecting fire pumps. , A variety of problems occurred.

  The performance requirements of the fire pump set in the United States are: the flow of the fire pump should be 150% of the design value, the head should not be less than 65% of the head of the selected working point, and the head when the pump is turned off should not be greater than 140% of the head of the selected working point. The flow rate of the stabilized pump is 1-2L/S, and the head is 1.1-1.2 times of the head of the fire pump. At the same time, it is stipulated that a flow meter for measurement should be installed on the outlet pipe of the fire pump set. The flowmeter should be able to test 175% of the selected flow rate of the pump. The outlet pipe of the fire pump should be equipped with a pressure gauge with a diameter greater than 89mm. It is suggested that the customs authorities should refer to American standards to put forward more targeted and clear requirements for the design and selection of fire pumps in my country, so that they can be based on the selection and testing of fire pumps.

fire pump set

  Nowadays, fire pumps are used in many places. I have to say that the scope of application of this tool is becoming more and more extensive. Of course, this situation is closely related to the increasing functions of fire pumps and the increasing safety awareness of people. But now many people may not know this tool very well. It is because they know that this tool is very useful. So when the fire pump is actually used, it is impossible to use this tool proficiently.

  1. After purchasing a fire pump, if it is found that the bottom valve on this tool is not suitable, in some cases it will be larger, in some cases it will be smaller, then it is the problem of the fire pump manufacturer, not for convenience If you continue to use it, the bottom valve of this fire pump should be carefully checked to see if it matches the machine. If so, you should contact the manufacturer for a better foot valve with a suitable size.

  2. When using this tool, if the gap of the impeller is too large, check whether the gap is normal or not. This is also easier to appear during use. When this happens, check the cause and take corresponding measures.

  3. If the diameter of the impeller is too small during use, it will have a great impact on the progress of this work during the work process. Of course, it cannot be said that this impeller is completely unqualified, but it is in use. The process will definitely have an impact, so the impeller must be replaced so that the fire pump can work better.

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