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Talk about the wiring method of electric fire pump

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/12/2 9:56:03

  During the wiring process of the electric fire pump, the appropriate wiring method should also be selected. The use of the pump is performed under the premise of correct wiring. Only when the wiring is correct can the pump be used normally. The wires inside the pump are generally more complicated, you need to be familiar with its wiring method:

  1. When wiring the electric fire pump, be sure to use polyester insulating tape to hold down half of it, wrap 8-12 layers, after wrapping, use plastic tape to wrap two layers for strength; When wiring, the copper core of the cable should be stripped out about 30-35mm long, and the copper wire should be wiped clean with emery cloth to shine. Also strip the copper wire of the external three-core cable by 30-35mm. Wipe clean with emery cloth.

electric fire pump

  2. The three-core cable and the stripped copper wire of the external cable will be plugged together, and then tied tightly with a thin copper wire as shown in the figure, and the remaining part will be cut off and flattened with scissors to prevent hands from being tied; At the time, the three heads of the pump should be soldered firmly with solder. The surface of the welding head is required to be smooth, free of burrs and false welding. If the welding is not strong or not smooth, the pump should be re-welded until the requirements are met.

  3. For the wiring of electric fire pump, be sure to wrap the three wires together with plastic tape, wrap two layers, one layer exceeds the end of each wire insulation layer by more than 50mm, and the end of the layer exceeds 50mm; take a pot after wrapping Soak the wrapped thread in cold water safely. After 12 hours, use a 500V megger to measure the insulation and the insulation should not be less than 50 megohms, otherwise it should be re-wrapped until it meets the requirements.

  4. The grounding wire must also be wrapped according to the requirements of the submersible cable wiring process; after the fire pump is connected, the insulation resistance should be continuously measured while the fire pump is down to prevent the cable insulation from breaking the cable insulation. If the insulation is found to decrease rapidly When it is below 0.5 megohm, the unit must be brought up to detect the cause.

  In the above introduction, the wiring method of the fire pump is mentioned. Correct wiring can avoid some failures. Insulation should be done during the wiring process and pay attention to safety. At the same time, there should be no dust inside the pump before wiring.

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