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Excitation control of electric fire pump

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/12/14 9:11:27

In actual operation, we are already familiar with some operations of the electric fire pump. Generally speaking, as long as it is used normally, it can be used normally within the number of years, and there is no abnormality in the middle. In terms of transporting water, it is basically done by pressure, and this kind of equipment also requires high sealing. So what is the excitation control of the pump?

electric fire pump

1. The excitation circuit of the fire pump is connected to the power supply to verify the pre-tuned parameters, including small magnetic flux, excitation current, limit value, field loss protection action setting value, full magnetic current setting value and field weakening control curve. And adjustment.

  2. Open loop simulation test of fire pump electric potential or voltage regulation closed loop. The analog mode gives the armature end voltage and the armature loop current, and sets the output limit value of the potential regulator, the excitation current and the feedback loop parameters.

  3. The step response dynamic characteristic adjustment of the fire pump excitation current or magnetic flux adjustment closed-loop control. The measurement and adjustment should be carried out in the full magnetic working area, near the starting point of the weak magnetic field, and the weak magnetic working area. The dynamic characteristic index shall meet the design requirements.

Sometimes excitation control will also have a certain impact on the use of electric fire pump. Excitation control is generally mainly reflected in the circuit. It does not seem to have much to do with the use of fire pumps, but the normal use of the pump can be said to be inseparable. Enable reasonable excitation control.

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