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Borra Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 1995, owns a top-rank design, production, sales and service team and modern production lines, to manufacture various self-priming pumps, movable diesel pumps, multi-stage diesel pumps, diesel self-priming dirt drain pumps, diesel fire pumps units, diesel mine pumps, diesel diaphragm pumps, diesel pump truck. It was ISO9001: 2008, CE, SGS, TUV, PICC certified. It was an ICBC "AAA" grade credit company.

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  • Purchased as I needed a diesel engine pump. After negotiation, decided this was the best to try for the money. Great pump.quick and easy to use. does what it supposed to do! happy with the purchase.
  • It is what you would expect. Borra's pumps worked great and seems to be high quality, Works as advertised. i decided to make a bulk order of water pumps so i could bulid public facilities in Singapore. I decided to order a pump for the pumps from Borra and got this one. This pump it needed to do, no problem, very smooth, and it was easy to use. Would buy again!
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