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What is the vibration and noise of the diesel engine fire pump

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  Diesel engine driven fire water pump or for the transport of viscous fluids or diluents. For hydraulic netting machines, auxiliary components: fuel tank, oil filter, oil pipe and fittings. It is very important to have a wide range of applications in the industry. The development of any product is not perfect. Why do you say that there are some small problems in the process of use, sometimes even during the process of use? Then, how do you deal with the failure of the Diesel engine driven fire water pump? If there is an abnormal situation in use, in addition to the problem of its own operation, the rest is that it may have a fault, and often customers have reacted that their diesel engine fire pump vibration is strange and noisy, ask what to do, I believe many of my friends may have had this problem. Here is the solution:

  1. Check to see if the grounding bolt of the pump set is loose or the foundation of the pump set is defective. Please tighten the anchor bolt and reinforce the foundation.

  2. Check the tachometer to see if the turbine speed of the pump set exceeds the rated speed of the pump, and adjust the speed control system to make the pump work at its rated speed.

  3. The noise may be caused by the gap in the suction pipe, causing a large amount of gas to be inhaled. In this case, check whether the suction port has a vortex, whether the submerged depth is too shallow, etc., and adjust the height between the suction port and the liquid surface.

  4. The pump is cavitation (excessive flow, increased suction resistance or increased liquid operating temperature), and the failure phenomenon may also occur.

  5. Check the impeller for damage or foreign matter inhalation. At this time, the pump should be disassembled to inspect and replace the damaged parts. Finally, the centering and clearance of the coupling should not be adjusted too large.

  Diesel engine fire pump has an abnormality. The most important thing is to find out the cause, because it is the early performance of the fault. Therefore, the judgment should be relatively simple. Don’t forget to maintain it after use, because the abnormality means we are There is no place in maintenance.

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