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Installation and use of sewage flow centrifugal trash pump

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  The sewage flow centrifugal trash pump is a single-stage, single-suction, cantilever centrifugal sewage pump. The pump suction port is axially horizontal, and the pump discharge port can be installed horizontally or vertically as needed. It is mainly composed of pump cover, pump casing, impeller, shaft seal, shaft, and bracket. The shaft seal adopts a novel double-end mechanical seal structure. The pump and the motor are mounted on a common chassis and driven directly by the motor through a flexible coupling. The pump has the advantages of high efficiency, remarkable energy saving, stable operation, reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
  Assembly and Disassembly of ewage flow centrifugal trash pump First check each component and component for defects that affect the assembly, and then wipe it clean before assembly.
  1. Prepare paper mats, wire plugs, and pipe plugs and attach them to the respective components.
  2. Install the seal ring, shaft seal box, oil mark, oil hole cover and felt 装入 into the pump cover, bearing body, bearing box and bearing cover.
  3. First install the bearing into the two ends of the shaft, put it into the bearing housing together, and then install the bearing gland.
  4. Install the bearing body, bearing (4PW without) oil seal and washer, impeller, gasket and impeller nut in turn and tighten, then install the pump body and pump cover. Disassembly is the opposite of assembly.
  Sewage centrifugal ewage flow centrifugal trash pump
  1. Remove the base oil and dirt and place the base on the foundation.
  2. Check the level of the base with a spirit level and allow the leveling with ferroniobium.
  3. Water the base and anchor bolt holes with cement.
  4. After the cement has dried up, check whether the base and anchor bolts are loose. After fitting, tighten the nuts and check the level again.
  5.4 Clean the support plane of the base and the plane of the pump and motor foot, then install the pump and motor on the base.
  Check whether the level is consistent with the center of the motor. The inconsistency can be adjusted by the thin iron piece to be concentric (the thin piece of iron should not exceed 3 pieces), and the gap between the couplings should be 2-3mm. The difference between the upper, lower, left and right sides of the measuring coupling shall not exceed 0.1 mm, and the difference between the maximum and minimum clearance of the microphone between the end faces of the two couplings shall not exceed 0.3 mm.
  Precautions for installation and use of sewage centrifugal sewage pump:
  The pump inlet and outlet pipes shall be provided with support and shall not be supported by the pump body:
  The outlet water pipeline shall be equipped with a gate valve; a general trash rack shall be installed at the inlet of the pump suction pipeline to prevent large stones and the like from being sucked into the pump to break the blade.
  Check if the oil is in the bearing housing and the oil level is normal.
  Check that the motor rotates in the same direction as the pump.
  Close the spit outlet gate valve and the pressure gauge cock, and at the same time, fill the water suction pipe of the pump through the screw hole in the upper part of the pump body.
  Start the motor and open the pressure gauge cock.
  When the pump reaches the normal speed and the pressure gauge shows the corresponding pressure, open the vacuum gauge cock and gradually open the gate valve on the drain line until needed.
  2, stop
  First slowly close the outlet pipe gate valve and then cut off the power.
  In the freezing season, after the shutdown, open the square plug in the lower part of the pump body, and empty the water to avoid cracking.
  If it is not used for a long time, the parts should be removed and wiped clean, and the anti-rust oil should be applied to the sliding surface for proper storage.
  3, running
  During the operation of the pump, it is necessary to observe the condition of the instrument and the bearing, the leakage of the packing, the vibration of the pump, the noise, etc., and if it is abnormal, it should be dealt with in time.
  The maximum bearing temperature must not exceed 75 °C.
  The bearing oil should be kept at the normal oil level line. It should not be too high or too low. If it is too low, it should be refueled in time. When the diameter of the suction port is ≤100mm, the total clearance in the diameter direction is ≥1.5m
  When the clearance between the seal ring and the impeller is greater than the following specified value, a new seal ring should be replaced.
  When the diameter of the suction port is >100mm, the total diameter in the diameter direction is ≥2mm.

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