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Realizing the integration of science and technology is the ultimate mission of irrigation diesel water pump

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  diesel engine water pump for irrigation are widely used in agricultural irrigation and urban flood control to provide a good service to my life. Agricultural diesel engine water pump for irrigation are mainly small-flow products. Diesel engines use more horizontal bar diesel engines. Agricultural diesel engine water pump for irrigation are mostly low-end products because the users are pursuing low-priced products.

diesel engine water pump for irrigation

  Agricultural irrigation methods can be generally divided into traditional ground irrigation, general sprinkler irrigation and micro irrigation. Traditional surface irrigation includes paddy irrigation, furrow irrigation, flood irrigation and flood irrigation. However, such irrigation methods often consume large amounts of water and have low water utilization, which is a very unreasonable agricultural irrigation method. The use of irrigation diesel pumps to irrigate crops greatly increases work efficiency. Oasis Agriculture and Irrigation Agriculture Most of China's irrigated agriculture is oasis agriculture in some parts of the northwestern part of irrigated agriculture. Irrigation agriculture needs sufficient water source guarantee, while the latter relies on ice and snow to melt water. The former is mostly monsoon climate, while the latter is continental. Sexual climate. Agriculture in arid desert areas with water source irrigation.

  diesel engine water pump for irrigation powered drive pump (or fire pump set) is installed on a common chassis by horizontal centrifugal pump, diesel engine, electrical instrument and other equipment, and connected to the electric control box through control line and signal line. The automatic control panel of the diesel engine water pump for irrigation can be used to withstand the mechanical, electrical, vibration, thermal stress and the possible moisture effects under normal operating conditions.

  Intelligent irrigation diesel engine water pump controller adopts high-performance micro-processing technology, combined with high reliability design, has high reliability and stability, realizes precise measurement of various parameters, alarm protection value setting and other functions; The automatic control system of the irrigation diesel pump unit can realize the manual, automatic start/stop, data measurement, alarm protection and other control functions of the pump set. Diesel engine operating status display function. According to the current operating status of the system, the indicator or display indicates the current status of the device, including: standby, power on, fuel supply, self-start, idle delay, normal operation, cooling shutdown, emergency shutdown, etc. Run parameter detection and display functions.

  The irrigation diesel water pump has an automatic alarm system to automatically alarm the low oil pressure and high water temperature of the diesel engine, and alarm and stop when overspeed; the diesel water supply equipment is used for automatic (or manual) water supply system of various enterprises, also used For fire water supply and occasions with special requirements.

  When using the irrigation diesel engine water pump, the warning is a non-serious fault condition. Generally, some detection parameters are close to the unit fault setting value. The warning is used to remind the operator to pay attention to the situation that does not meet the requirements and solve the problem in time to ensure the continuous operation of the system. When the warning occurs, the status indicator lights up, the buzzer sounds, but the fault is not locked, the unit does not stop, and the warning light is automatically extinguished once the fault is removed.

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