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New changes in fire pump set acceptance criteria

Author: Source: Posted On: 2018/12/13 14:38:37

  Fire water supplied by most fire water sources requires a fire pump to pressurize to meet the water pressure and water requirements during fire fighting. The failure of the pump due to improper installation and maintenance will inevitably affect the fire fighting and rescue, resulting in unnecessary losses.

  The new specification of fire pump GB50116—2013 has been implemented since July 1, 2016. It has been several years since then. During this period, many new problems encountered in the acceptance of fire pumps have led to the failure of acceptance. The following 10 changes are The focus of fire pump acceptance.

  1, the host, whether domestic or imported, the total number of probes, buttons and modules, can not exceed 3200 points, more than this number, should increase the host.

  2, pumps, fans, are not allowed to start with frequency conversion, have to be a direct start, the control cabinet is not allowed to add inverter.

  3, loop, the maximum number of the code is not allowed to exceed 200, more than this number, plus the circuit. And the isolator should be added to the loop. One isolator can only have 32 points.

  4, the module, is not allowed to be installed in the power distribution cabinet (box), should be installed in the special module box.

  5, the building, no matter how many sound and light alarms, no matter how many broadcasts, should be activated in the fire, so that every part, every corner knows that a fire has occurred, in order to quickly evacuate.

  6, fire pump linkage 24V power supply, no matter how far the distance, in the field with a multimeter measurement, the voltage can not be lower than 22.8V, if less than this number, should be added 24V power on the site.

  7, the construction personnel, when wearing 24V power cord, should wear refractory copper core wire, is the beginning of the NH line, the cross section is not less than 1.5 square, the signal line can reduce the requirements, with flame retardant type, is the beginning of ZR .

  8, in the event of fire, ordinary power, escalators, sewage pumps, recreational facilities, kitchen electricity, etc. should be cut off immediately; and other normal lighting, life pumps, security systems, passenger elevators, etc., should be delayed or manually cut off manually To facilitate the evacuation of personnel.

  9, when the manufacturer compiles the linkage relationship, should not use a probe to link the fire pump facilities, apply any two probes in the area or any probe plus a hand report to start the linkage.

  10, in the future residential building, 1.3 to 1.5 at the entrance of the household, should be equipped with an independent alarm system for household use, smoke detectors and flammable gas detectors should be installed in the bedroom and kitchen.

  All of the above are the things that are particularly emphasized in the new regulations. They are all in the future construction and the key inspections of the Fire Pump Bureau.

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