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The installation and commissioning of high pressure fire water pump, users must not be negligent!

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2018/12/17 13:33:39

  The high pressure fire water pump is a pump mainly used for fire protection. It is rarely used in general, but it is very important, so users who install and debug it must not be negligent:
  First, the high pressure fire water pump should be manually cranked before installation to check its flexibility.
  1. The cable of the fire pump should be in good condition;
  2. The insulation resistance of the motor should be greater than 50MΩ;
  3. Each fastener shall be free from looseness and the motor cylinder shall be intact;
  4. The guide rod should be fastened firmly, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the fire pump.
  Second, in addition to the small pipeline pump can be installed directly on the pipeline without the foundation, most pumps need to be installed with concrete foundation. Before the installation of the pump, the foundation of the civil construction should be reviewed and accepted, and the foundation of the pump should meet the requirements. The position, size, height of the equipment foundation and the position and size of the screw holes of the anchor shall comply with the regulations. The surface of the equipment foundation should be smooth and smooth, and the debris in the hole reserved by the anchor bolts should be removed.
  Third, the installation of fire pump
  1. The fire pump should be lifted with a stainless steel chain and placed on the lifting screw of the pump set;
  2. The fire pump and its matching control cabinet are reliably grounded;
  3. Because the water pressure of the fire pump is high, the pump is not suitable for matching with the coupling. The outlet of the fire pump is hardly connected with a metal hose or a steel pipe, and the length of the pipe connected to the pump outlet must extend out of the surface of the pool cover, which is convenient to disassemble;
  4. The fire pump outlet shall be equipped with a hose check valve according to the specifications;
  5. The pump outlet pipe should be supported on the ground to avoid deformation or damage of the fire pump.
  Third, the commissioning of high pressure fire water pumps:
  1. When the fire pump is commissioned, if the pressure is not up to the specified requirements, the motor may be reversed. Any phase sequence of the three-phase wire should be exchanged. If the pressure is low and unstable, the fire pump outlet pipe should be deflated;
  2. When the fire pump is running, the outlet valve should be adjusted so that the outlet pressure during operation reaches the rated requirement, otherwise the fire effect will be affected or the fire pump will be overloaded.
  Inspection and acceptance requirements for high pressure fire water pumps
  1. The operation should be stable and there should be no vibration of bad noise;
  2. For the drawings, check the specifications, model and quantity of the pressure relief valve, water hammer elimination facility, check valve, signal valve, etc. on the working pump, backup pump, suction pipe, outlet pipe and outlet pipe, etc., should conform to the design, suction pipe The control valve on the outlet pipe should be locked normally open and marked clearly.

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