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Fire pump is an important tool in the fight against fire

Author: Source: Posted On: 2018/12/27 16:10:42

  Fire pumps are part of the Chinese fire industry, and another part of the technology is high in gold and is still the fastest growing segment. It has always been an important tool in the fight against fire, so the whole world attaches great importance to the research and production of the fire equipment industry. The fire pump industry has made great progress in the reform and opening up in the last two decades. With the development of social economy, various chemical, flammable and explosive accidents are increasing, and urban construction is changing with each passing day. High-rise building fires, large-scale shopping malls for personnel concentration, underground engineering, chemical fire fighting and rescue, building collapse, traffic accidents, chemical spill relief, and fire protection work are brought about by challenges.

  The maximum value of the inlet and outlet pressure of the fire pump:

  (1) By re-engineering the plunger by increasing the capacity of the enlarged diameter portion of the plunger, the plunger diameter is increased by an original design of 95 mm to an improvement of 1016 mm. The plunger diameter is increased, and the upper plunger hole diameter of the pump body is 98 mm, which is smaller than the plunger diameter, and the reaming hole of the laser scalpel plunger pump body is increased to a diameter of 104 mm. After the unit is improved, the unit flow rate can be increased to 116 times at the same speed. When the fire pump's local capacity increases its power, the load on the crankcase transmission components increases, but according to our factory and domestic similar pump experience, the program is feasible. The plunger is enlarged, the plunger diameter of the inlet and outlet pressures and the pump fail to reach the maximum value of the same type of pump, so that according to the experience of Henan fire pump, XBD fire pump other similar type of pump operation, it does not need to run through the crankcase. Security issues consider the driver part.

  (2) Shorten the adjustment of the spherical contact pad of the plunger of 38 mm below the crosshead, and then connect with the M20 bolt. The spherical contact structure, the tightening bolt plunger and the cross can be automatic and easy to operate. Another important reason for frequent packaging changes is a major pipe packing seal, as it is clear that the seal water cannot be inspected.

  (3) Redesigning the packaging tube structure, XBD fire pump changes the crude oil sealing structure, a water sealing structure.

  (4) In the condensate system of the packed pipe sealing process, since the sealing water is taken away from the inner part of the ammonia packaging container, the sealing water is corroded from the filling pipe into the dilute ammonia water, because the material of the pump body and the packing barrel bolt carbon Steel material (pump material 20, packaging tube bolt material is 42 CrMo conditioning treatment), so the plunger is bound to the surface of the pump body and the barrel bolt caused by corrosion.

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