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Causes and repair of frequent start of self priming trash pump

Author: Source: Posted On: 2018/12/29 11:50:17

      Before buying a self priming trash pump, everyone wants to know which brand is good in addition to its price. In fact, it is necessary to determine which brand is very simple. It only needs to know how much self-suction height can be achieved. The self-suction height of the pump can reach 8-9 meters, which means that the pump is good. The purpose of the self priming trash pump is to suck up the liquid at the lower part and then send it away. If its self-priming performance is unstable, it will cause suction. If you don't get water, you can't suck up the water. The self priming trash pump is so good. So determine which brand is good from its self-priming performance.

self priming trash pump

      Self priming trash pump is a commonly used household product. Many users often report that they will start frequently without using water during installation and use. They do not know what the reason for frequent startup is. Just a few points below for everyone to share the reasons for frequent startup and frequent startup solutions for reference:

1. Since the user installs the self priming trash pump without installing a check valve, the water returns quickly after the pump is stopped. After the outlet pressure drops, the self priming trash pump will start again after the preset pressure is lower. The solution to this frequent start-up is to solve the problem by installing a check valve at the exit.

2. Since the faucet is not closed, or the water is discharged from other places, the self priming trash pump will start automatically after the outlet pressure drops. Checking the faucet off state and finding out where there is water leakage is the solution for frequent start-up. The water leakage is not serious. Type tap water household self priming trash pump will not appear frequent start and stop.

3. Because the distance required for transporting is long and the height is high, the pressure set on the pressure controller can not meet the requirements of use. You can open the controller cover first and then use a flat screwdriver to turn the middle adjustment knob clockwise. Rotate up to get a higher breaking pressure.

4. The reason why the self priming trash pump is frequently started may also be because the gas in the pressure tank above the pump has no gas. The gas-filling nut on the pressure tank can be unscrewed and the gas can be added to the inside of the pressure tank to make the pressure tank To play the role of voltage regulation, the position of the air hole can refer to the structure diagram of the self priming trash pump. It should be noted that not every pump has the function of refilling the surge tank. For example, an ordinary domestic self priming trash pump has no air holes.

5. If the self priming trash pump used for a period of time is intact and suddenly starts and stops frequently, then the automatic switch may be broken. You can replace an automatic switch to see if there is any fault.

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