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The abnormal vibration of the diesel engine pump is caused by this

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  The technical development of pumps, like the development of other industries, is driven by market demand. Nowadays, history has entered the 21st century. Under the background of the huge demand for high-tech development in the fields of environmental protection, electronics and the world, and the world's sustainable development, many industries or fields including the pump industry. Both have brought about rapid changes and developments in technology.

Diesel Driven Pump

  Diesel driven pumps are mainly divided into two types, one is a diesel pump unit based on a ZW self-priming sewage pump, and the other is a diesel pump unit system based on a new type of strong self-priming pump and adding a vacuum auxiliary device. Can be widely used in municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation and so on. The diesel water pump has the characteristics of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, convenient use and maintenance, integrated or outdoor movable design, and is the first in the series of diesel pump self-priming pump products.

  Diesel pump sets are inevitable in low-intensity mechanical vibrations in rotating equipment and flowing media. Therefore, in the process of manufacturing and installing the pump, the interference caused by vibration should be avoided as much as possible in the design, operation and management of the pump, and the vibration hazard should be minimized. Diesel engine pump When the diesel engine pump unit or unit vibrates, the cause of the vibration may be analyzed one by one according to the specific situation. After identifying the crux of the problem, effective technical measures shall be taken to eliminate it.

  The common causes and elimination measures for diesel engine pump vibration are as follows:

  1. Manual cranking is difficult: the pump shaft is bent, the bearing is worn, the unit is not centered, and the impeller touches the pump casing. Elimination measures: straighten the pump shaft, adjust or replace the bearing, re-calibrate the unit concentricity, and reset the gap.

  2. The shaft swing of the diesel engine unit is too large: the bearing and journal are worn or the clearance is too large. Elimination measures: repair the journal, adjust or replace the bearing.

  3. Hydraulic imbalance: the impeller is unbalanced, and the individual leaf grooves of the centrifugal pump are blocked or damaged. Elimination measures: re-calibrate the impeller static balance and dynamic balance, eliminate blockages, repair or replace the impeller.

  4. The shaft power is too large: the water level in the inlet pool is too low, the depth of the impeller is not enough, the debris is wound around the impeller, and the degree of cavitation damage of the diesel pump unit is different, and the impeller is defective. Elimination measures: raise the water level of the inlet pool, reduce the installation height of the pump to eliminate debris, set the fence, repair or replace the impeller.

  5. The foundation is in vibration: the basic stiffness is poor or the bottom corner screw is loose or resonating. Elimination measures: Reinforce the foundation and tighten the anchor screws.

  6. The efficiency of the diesel engine pump unit is reduced, accompanied by cavitation noise. Elimination measures: change the pump speed, avoid the resonance area, find out the cause of cavitation, and take measures to eliminate cavitation.

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