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At present, there is still a big gap between China's marine fire pumps and foreign countries.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/1/7 15:06:44

  The marine fire pump is a special pump for transporting liquid fire extinguishing agent such as water or foam solution on an unpowered fire pump,fixed fire extinguishing system or other fire fighting facilities installed in water working environments such as ships and offshore working platforms.According to different classification methods,it is divided into different types with its characteristics of full sealing,no leakage and corrosion resistance.It is widely used in environmental protection,water treatment,fire fighting and other departments to pump all kinds of liquids.It is a non-leaking and pollution-free civilized workshop.The ideal pump type for civilized factories is similar to that of fire-fighting systems,except that the head and flow are different.The selection criteria of the fire pump should be considered in five aspects according to the process flow and water supply and drainage requirements.

marine fire pump

  In recent years,although the design level of domestic marine pumps has been greatly improved,most units still adopt semi-theoretical and semi-empirical design methods,which are difficult to fully meet the performance parameters,weight profiles,reliability,environmental conditions,etc.Multi-target design requirements.According to the current situation,it can be considered that there is still a big gap between the technical level and production status of marine pumps in China and the status quo of developed countries in the world.In general,the main problems of the marine pump industry now include the following aspects:

  (1) The technical strength is seriously insufficient.This aspect shows that there is a large fault in the professional team of water pump technicians,and on the other hand,it lacks high-level technical talents.

  (2) There is a serious lack of scientific research investment.A considerable number of corporate leaders have not regarded science and technology development as the basis and hope for the survival and development of enterprises,ignoring technological innovation and scientific research input.

  (3) The outdated production design,backward manufacturing process,and low quality awareness make the products produced and the design drawings not fully compatible,resulting in low product quality.

  (4) There are too few varieties and specifications of products,and many large and special-purpose marine pump products are still blank.The standardization,serialization and generalization of products are low.

  (5) The management mechanism is not sound enough; there is a certain degree of unfair competition,the pre-sales service and after-sales service quality of the products are poor; the complete set of products is poor.

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