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The trailer type drain pump is a drainage device modified and upgraded on the basis of the traditional self-priming pump.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/1/11 16:52:08

  The trailer mounted dewatering pump trailer-type drain pump is a high-efficiency, self-priming, high-flow drainage device that has been upgraded and upgraded based on the traditional self-priming pump. The trailer type drainage pump station directly drives a new self-priming pump powered by a diesel engine. Equipped with a vacuum assist system, no pumping is required before operation, no need to install a bottom valve.

trailer mounted dewatering pump

  The drainage pump truck has the characteristics of strong maneuverability, large displacement, high suction stroke, fast watering time, quick take-over, safe and efficient. Drainage emergency operations can be carried out at any given location at any time. Drainage emergency mobility support capability is an important indicator of a city's rapid response capability. After repeated combats, the mobile pump has reached the design expectation, and the flood discharge time is very short. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete the water caused by the explosion. The drainage pump truck has strong mobility and only takes up one lane during operation, which has little impact on traffic.


  (1) Easy to operate, flexible and fast.

  (2) For the community that is inconvenient to enter and exit large repair vehicles.

  (3) The sewage can be discharged cleanly.

  (4) Open impeller, in the case of mud, particles and other impurities will not be blocked.

  (5) For the sewage pump, the lift is higher, which is more suitable for water supply in mountainous areas.

  (6) Built-in wear plate prevents the impeller from directly rubbing after the impeller is stuck or entangled. It only needs to replace the wear plate to reduce the maintenance cost.

  (7) The pump can work quickly and well regardless of whether there is air in the suction pipe. (Because the vacuum pump and the pump work at the same time, if the inlet pipe is slightly damaged or the seal is not good, the pump can always draw water. This is not the case for many similar products).

  (8) Convenient and fast, it can be drained by using it for 15-50 seconds at the scene. It is not necessary to fill the pump casing in the early stage. The suction distance is 9 meters.

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