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The fire pump controls the most important part of the fire water supply system.

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  In the fire water supply system, the fire pump can be said to control the most important part. Almost all fire protection systems do not have a pump installed. It is also possible to set up a fire backup pump to further increase the safety score of the system.

  The self-starting of the fire pump is caused by the bursting of the glass ball of the pipe network of each protection zone under high temperature, causing the flow of the pipe network to flow, thereby interlocking the action of the pressure switch of the alarm valve to achieve the purpose of starting the spray pump. Through the water flow indicator linkage module or the alarm valve pressure switch lead to the control room, the fire control room can accurately reflect its action signal, and the control room should be able to directly control the start and stop of the spray pump.

  When all mechanical equipment is in operation, the corresponding power equipment is inevitable, and the link is needed during the conversion of power into work. In the case of fire pumps, the impeller is such an indispensable one.

  The impeller, which is a wheel with a moving blade, is an integral part of the impeller of the impeller and can also be referred to as the general name of the roulette and the rotating blades mounted thereon. The impeller can be classified according to shape and opening and closing conditions. In the manufacture of fire pumps, the impeller is naturally indispensable.

  Many fire pumps, after long-term use or shelving, the shaft will be bent. At this time, the straight shaft can be replaced or replaced as required.

  The running clearance between the wear rings is incorrect: when it is found that there is a problem with the rotation of the fire pump, it is recommended to check the gap immediately. Some fire pumps, under the accumulation of time, the running clearance between the grinding rings will continue to expand, this time, it is recommended to replace the wear ring of the pump casing or impeller

  The stress on the pipe on the pump casing is too large: to eliminate the stress, if you do not know how to eliminate it, consult the manufacturer directly. After the stress is removed, it is a relatively complete repair to check the alignment.

  The shaft or impeller ring swings too much: check the rotating parts and bearings and replace worn or damaged parts as required.

  There is dirt between the impeller and the wear ring of the pump casing. There is dirt in the wear ring of the pump casing: clean and inspect the wear ring and replace it as required. Cut off and eliminate the source of dirt.

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