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Noise or vibration elimination when diesel irrigation pump is running

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2019/1/17 15:50:53

  The diesel irrigation pump has a simple structure, is light and easy to maintain, and is especially suitable for use in rural areas. The direction of the pump outlet can be adjusted according to the installation and use conditions. The diesel engine irrigation pump is adapted to the rural power supply. It also allows the speed to be reduced or the outer diameter of the small impeller to change the performance of the pump to further expand the pump's application range.
  When the diesel irrigation pump runs, there is noise or vibration, how to eliminate it:
  1. Check and adjust the verticality of the impeller parts and the pump shaft;
  2. Correct the verticality of the pump shaft and try to adjust to the same line;
  3. Reinforce the foundation and tighten the nut;
  4. Exchange or install the blade;
  5. Stop the water several times to wash the debris, add a fence at the entrance to the pool.
  Daily maintenance instructions for diesel irrigation pumps
  1. Before the pump is used for the first time, it must be replaced with a ventable fuel filler cap to discharge the gas generated by the pump operation in time.
  2. Regularly check whether the water pump seal ring, check valve, etc. are normal, supply IS clean water pump, whether there is wear, looseness or water leakage. If it is, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time.
  3. Check whether the cooling fan temperature control device and the pump motor are attached, and the pump motor should maintain good heat dissipation protection.
  4, one month must be replaced once to change the oil, the oil model is 30-40# engine oil, cold winter with anti-freezing machine oil.
  5. Replace consumables such as water gun pipes with slight water leakage and water seepage in time. When the water gun and the water pipe are damaged and not replaced in time, the water pump is operating in an abnormal state, which will seriously damage the water pump.
  6. When the water source is in poor condition, the Tongliao IS clean water pump should be cleaned or replaced frequently.

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