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The demand for marine fire pumps is large, and China urgently needs to retire as soon as possible.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/1/21 12:01:02

  In marine machinery and equipment, marine fire pump is a large number of important ship supporting products. It is widely used in marine power systems, fire protection systems, cooling systems, ballast systems, sweeping systems, and life service security. Other dedicated systems are also fitted in some auxiliary devices. In recent years, the trend of large-scale domestic shipbuilding, diversification of ship types, and full ship automation has become increasingly apparent. It is urgent to replace traditional products with a new generation of marine fire pumps.

  Due to the unique independence of the ship and its navigational capacity, load carrying capacity, working performance, safety performance and dimensional and weight requirements, it is inevitable that the marine fire pump will be given special technical requirements different from other pumps and land pumps. . These special requirements are often referred to as marine conditions. It is precisely because of these marine conditions that the marine fire pump has a certain degree of particularity in terms of parameter selection, structural design, processing and manufacturing, material selection, test methods and acceptance criteria, and conditions of use.

  In recent years, although the design level of China's domestic marine fire pumps has been greatly improved, most units still adopt semi-theoretical and semi-empirical design methods, which are difficult to fully meet the user's proposed performance parameters, weight profile, reliability, and environmental conditions. Multi-target design requirements. In view of the current weak technical basis of low noise, no leakage and high anti-cavitation of marine fire pumps in China, the “three leakages” of water leakage, oil leakage and air leakage have not been completely eliminated. Experts believe that new A generation of marine fire pumps are aimed at modern ships. Low noise is a key technology that needs to be broken. It must be researched and improved in design technology, materials used and manufacturing technology.

  China should also make breakthroughs in the application of new structures and new materials. The ship type developed in the future puts higher requirements on the safety and reliability of the marine fire pump in terms of system interface, equipment function parameters and cabin conditions. Therefore, the marine fire pump needs to make breakthroughs in the new structural design, such as the use of high pressure. Tight structure design, magnetic bearing, etc.; in new materials, polymer materials should be promoted and applied to enhance the safety, reliability, anti-corrosion, anti-leakage, vibration and noise reduction characteristics of marine fire pumps.

  According to the current situation, it can be considered that there is still a big gap between the technical level and production status of marine fire pumps in China and the status quo of developed countries in the world. It is still different from the ambitious goal of China to become the world's largest shipbuilding country in the near future. Farther. Therefore, it should be considered that the current shortcomings have improved the situation in the shortest possible time.

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