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What is the focus on the disassembly method and sequence of the self-priming pump?

Author: What is the focus on the disassembly method and sequence of the self-priming pump? Source: Posted On: 2019/1/22 11:04:43

  Self priming pump is a kind of equipment widely used in pump valves. There are many types of structures, such as molten salt pump, vacuum pump, submerged pump, metering pump, gear pump, corrosion-resistant pump, acid-resistant pump, fire pump, etc. . The working principle is that the pump is filled with water before the pump starts (or there is water in the pump casing).

Self priming pump

  The basic construction of the Self priming pump consists of the impeller, the pump body, the pump shaft, the bearing and the sealing ring. The impeller is the core part of the Self priming pump. It has high speed and large output. The pump body is also called the pump casing. It is the main body of the pump and plays a supporting role. The function of the pump shaft is connected by the coupling and the motor. The torque of the motor is transmitted to the impeller; the bearing is a component that supports the pump shaft on the pump shaft, and there are two kinds of rolling bearing and sliding bearing; the sealing ring is also called a leak reducing ring, and the inner leakage is reduced in order to increase the backflow resistance, and the impeller and the pump casing are delayed. The service life is provided with a sealing ring at the inner edge of the pump casing and the outer joint of the impeller.


  1. Understand the pump structure and be familiar with the working principle.

  2. When parts require assembly position and angle, mark them before disassembly so that they can be smoothly carried out in the future.

  3. The order of disassembly is reasonable.

  4. Appropriate tools should be used for dismantling, and uncivilized construction behavior such as shovel, knocking, and chaos is strictly prohibited.

  Prepare before disassembly:

  1. Master the operation of the pump and prepare the necessary drawings and materials;

  2. Prepare maintenance tools, measuring tools, cranes, accessories and materials, and wear protective equipment;

  3. Cut off the connection between the power supply and the equipment and the system, and hang the warning sign “Someone checks, prohibits closing” on the power supply control box of the maintenance pump, and discharge the medium in the pump to meet the equipment safety and maintenance conditions;

  4. The maintenance personnel will close the front and rear gate valves of the Self priming pump and check whether the pressure gauge of the pump outlet is under pressure.

  Disassembly method and sequence:

  In order to improve efficiency, reduce inspection time, and ensure the quality of maintenance, attention must be paid to the disassembly sequence and method. Generally, the order of disassembly of the centrifugal pump is to first disassemble the auxiliary equipment of the pump, and then disassemble the parts of the pump body; first disassemble the outside and then disassemble the inside.

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