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Fire pump high pressure, low pressure understanding

Author: Fire pump high pressure, low pressure understanding Source: Fire pump high pressure, low pressure understanding Posted On: 2019/1/24 14:41:48

  The low pressure is from the municipal water supply, with municipal pressure, generally 0.2MPa,

  High pressure is divided into normal high pressure and temporary high pressure, and often high pressure. As the name suggests, pressure is always guaranteed to be high. For example, the water source is from the pool on the mountain. There is a certain pressure. Why do you raise the pool on the mountain? Because the general situation, the municipal pressure will not be too high, otherwise the pipe network can not stand and waste. The temporary high pressure is usually a voltage regulator such as a roof tank. When a fire occurs, the fire pump is started.

  Stable high pressure, there is a steady pressure tank, the regulator tank to ensure the pressure, the fire is also the start of the pump, temporary high pressure and steady high pressure are similar.

  Fire pumps occupy a very important position in fire-fighting equipment. However, it is not only suitable for fire-fighting departments. Fire-fighting pumps are used in environmental protection and water treatment. If the fire pump can be combined with the diaphragm pump, it will be of great help to the development of the fire pump. Today's fire pumps have hundreds of models, and it is impossible to introduce one kind of introduction, but it can be introduced from a large aspect.

  The model of the fire pump is formulated according to the relevant rules. To identify the model of the fire pump, it is necessary to understand how the fire pump model is formulated. Unlike the metering diaphragm pump, the model of the fire pump is composed of five parts: the pump characteristic code, the main parameter, the use feature code, the auxiliary feature code and the enterprise custom code. The differences in these parts, of course, will be different, and will be arranged according to a certain order, the order is arranged in the above order.

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