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The reason why the marine fire pump cannot be started quickly and the normal water is discharged

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  marine fire pump refer to unpowered fire pumps installed in water working environments such as ships and offshore working platforms. It is an important part of the ship fire extinguishing system, and the marine fire pump is one of the emergency equipment in the ship fire extinguishing system. When the fire in the machinery space or other reasons cause the main fire pump to fail, the marine fire pump will be used as an alternative measure and plays an important role in the fire extinguishing. It is used as a special pump for conveying liquid fire extinguishing agents such as water or foam solutions. As the name suggests, the pump used for fire protection.
  marine fire pump operating procedures
  Preparation before operation
  1. Drive the pump shaft before starting, be sure that the rotor burns out without jamming and friction.
  2. Open the inlet valve
  3. Open the pressure tap on the outlet valve or outlet elbow
  4. For the first start or long-term stop, restart the screw on the top of the pump body, fill the pump body with water, and do not start with unfilled water to prevent burnout of the seal.
  5. Touch the motor to check if the motor steering is consistent with the pump steering sign.
  6. After the fire pump is started, at the rated speed, no water should be discharged within 4 minutes.
  Precautions during operation:
  1. After the pump starts to drain, gradually adjust the outlet valve until the specified pressure is reached.
  2. The pump should operate within the flow range specified on the nameplate
  3. Pay attention to the bearing temperature, the outside temperature of the bearing should not exceed 75 °C
  4. Pay attention to whether the pump has abnormal vibration and noise during operation.
  The outlet valve should be closed after stopping the pump. If the pump is in power failure during operation, the power supply should be cut off before the outlet valve is closed.

  The reason why the marine fire pump cannot be started quickly and the normal water is discharged
  1. There may be low ambient temperature and it is difficult for the diesel engine to start manually. It is recommended to have a diesel starter on board.
  2. The pump itself is inefficient, or the gap between the impeller and the volute is too large. It is recommended to replace the parts.
  3. The inlet valve of the marine fire pump may not be fully opened, or the inlet pipe may be blocked, resulting in less water and insufficient water pressure. It is recommended to install a seawater filter in the suction pipe, and carry out regular maintenance and activation.
  4. The diesel engine of the prime mover is in poor condition, which may be caused by the leakage of the piston ring, which causes the cylinder compression pressure to be insufficient, or the injector to drip, the atomization effect is poor, or the valve gap is improper, and the fuel supply advance angle is improper.
  5. Some ships have marine fire pump in the rudder nacelle. Usually the outer stern of the stern will be higher than the baseline. The sea inlet of the rudder nacelle is therefore higher than the submarine valve position of the nacelle. The idling or tilting state leads to the sea sump being higher. The water surface cannot absorb sea water. It is recommended to arrange the suction port of the marine fire pump in the engine room, plus the remote control electric valve and the A-60 heat insulation protection suction pipe to meet the requirements.

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