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The mobile pumping station has a wide working surface and is a small expert in drought-resistant and stagnant water.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/2/18 11:54:54

  After repeated combats, the mobile pumping station achieved the design expectation, and the flood discharge time was very short. The water accumulated by moderate rainfall was completed in less than 10 minutes. The mobile water pump has strong mobility and only takes up one lane during operation, which has little impact on traffic. The mobile pumping station can drain the water in a few minutes, and the car can also be used for flood discharge in other projects without worrying about stagnant water. Ensure that water is drained quickly during the rainy season and reduce the impact of precipitation on traffic.

mobile water pump

  The mobile pumping station is a unit that combines the pump and the motor into a common submersible operation. It is a kind of ordinary freight car or mobile car chassis that can drain the accumulated water and can also be used for engineering flood discharge. Drainage pump station. It has no fixed space restrictions and a wide working surface. It is suitable for urban water drainage, urban water pipe bursting and other cities when there are sudden emergency situations, industrial plant drainage and sewage drainage, community rainwater drainage, port fishery water, drainage, Transmission, on-site power generation, etc. This kind of mobile pump station can solve the water accumulation in most working conditions in China.

  Mobile pumping stations also play a major role in drought protection and seedling protection. When a drought occurs, in the remote fixed pumping station area and the fixed pumping station, the flow rate is insufficient, the unit is faulty and the water level is too low, the fixed pumping station can not operate, the mobile pumping station can be fully utilized, and the large number of mobile pumping stations can be mobilized in a short time. Mobile pumping station to solve the drought. Drought-resistant seedlings generally have a long running time, but the time required for the mobile pumping station to reach the job site is not high.

  The mobile pumping station can suck and drain liquids containing large particles of solids and long fibers, and can be widely used in municipal sewage and flood control projects, agricultural irrigation, and the like. The pump set has the advantages of simple structure, good self-priming performance, strong sewage discharge capability, high efficiency and energy saving, and convenient use and maintenance. The pump body is provided with a liquid storage chamber, and communicates with the pump working chamber through the upper return hole and the lower circulation hole. The pump set integrates self-priming and non-blocking sewage discharge, and adopts a diesel engine to drive axial reflow and external mixing, and passes through The unique design of the pump body and impeller flow passage does not require the installation of a bottom valve and irrigation water. The mobile pump is highly mobile and truly realizes the concept of a mobile water pump. The equipment can meet the needs of emergency drainage and has a mobile power function.

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