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The self-priming pump of diesel engine is more practical.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/2/27 18:40:30

  The self-priming pump of diesel engine mainly consists of diesel engine, coupling, pump body, impeller, back cover, mechanical seal, pump shaft, bearing seat, inlet valve, gas-liquid separation pipe, water supply valve, inlet and exhaust pipe. The main application areas are municipal sewage engineering and garden irrigation, etc. Of course, the application fields are wide, and can be divided into many types according to the type. The most common classifications are ordinary type, outdoor type, and mobile type, which can be based on reproduction. Need, choose the right type of service, each type of design will have a focus, so the practicality is relatively strong.

  The diesel engine pump is a mechatronic device that is directly driven by a diesel engine and can be started and supplied in a short time. Diesel engine pump is a high-tech product integrating microelectronics technology, digital technology, computer technology, information processing technology, industrial automation control technology, communication technology and mechanical technology. When the diesel engine pump runs at high speed, the injection process takes only a few thousandths of a second, and the pressure throughout the high pressure fuel pipe varies with time and position. Diesel fuel can be compressed and has the property of pressure fluctuation in the high pressure oil pipe. The diesel engine pump makes the actual fuel injection state and the specified oil supply law have a big difference. The composition, principle and characteristics of high pressure common rail diesel engine, and its current situation and development trend are introduced, which has certain guiding significance for the correct use of diesel engine pump.

  First, the technology of diesel engine self-priming pump research is very advanced, and it is a novel product combining the research and development of foreign technology. And the pump set integrates a self-priming and sewage pumping device, and adopts a diesel engine driven external mixing structure, so its unique design can also ensure the normal operation of the equipment and efficient operation, so the scope of use is also It is expanding and will gradually expand into all areas of life and industry. For example, the use of the irrigation industry is also very easy.

  Second, the diesel engine self-priming pump has a simple structure, high efficiency and energy saving is also an advantage of many industries. The structure is simple. For many industries, the installation is very simple. The diesel engine self-priming pump saves a lot of money and material resources. High efficiency and energy saving saves a lot of money for many industries, also improves economic efficiency, and also improves the competition of the whole industry.

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