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On the important role of fire fighting jockey pump

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  Everyone knows that the fire fighting jockey pump is composed of a pressure water tank, a water pump, a control cabinet, a control instrument, a pipe fitting, etc. The fire pump is composed of a motor and a pump. The pump structure includes components such as a pump body, an impeller, a pump cover, a mechanical seal, and the like, and the pump and the motor are coaxial. The axial force of the pump is balanced by the balance ring of the impeller. The pump inlet and outlet are on the same horizontal axis and the caliber specifications are the same. The pump is equipped with a mounting base for easy installation and increased pump stability.

fire fighting jockey pump

  Fire pumping pump selection equipment needs attention

  1. The manufacturer of the pressure water tank shall hold a pressure vessel manufacturing license or registration and have a sound quality management system and system.

  2. The purchased parts of the equipment must have the product certificate and can be used after passing the inspection. The components of the pressure water tank, water pump unit and electrical components of the equipment shall be assembled and used only after passing the inspection. The on-site performance can be checked on-site using equipment assembled on site.

  3. Should have a production license issued by the relevant department.

  4. The overall structure of the equipment, the arrangement of water pipelines, gas pipelines and electrical circuits should be reasonable, and installation and maintenance space should be left for easy operation.

  5. The purchased parts and materials used in the equipment shall be selected according to the national standards (industry standards).

  6. Structural requirements of the pump unit:

  a. The constant pressure pump should be equipped with a pump, and its working capacity should be the same as that of the working pump. b. Each steady pressure pump should be provided with a separate suction pipe.

  c. Pump water diversion should be self-priming

  7) The volume of the gas tank of the fire hydrant water supply system is not less than 300L; the volume of the water tank of the automatic sprinkler system is not less than 150L; the volume of the water tank of the fire hydrant and the sprinkler system is not less than 450L;

  8. The equipment is equipped with two sets of regulated water pumps (one for one.

  Construction installation notes:

  1. The pressure tank of the fire-fighting pressure-regulating pump shall meet the design requirements for its volume, air pressure, water level and working pressure.

  2. The installation of safety valves, pressure gauges, etc. on the fire rated pump should comply with the requirements of the product manual.

  3. The installation position of the fire-stabilizing pump, the direction of the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe shall meet the design requirements; the installation shall be provided with an access passage around it, the width of which shall not be less than 0.7m, and the distance from the top of the fire pressure water supply equipment to the floor or beam bottom shall not be Less than 1.0m.

  4. The equipment must be unpacked and checked at the site. The installation must be leveled and grouted in place. Pipe connection and electronic control wiring must be checked against the drawings and checked.

  5. After the equipment is installed, the equipment must be commissioned and commissioned. Including the start and stop control of the pump, the switch of each valve, and the test operation after the equipment is cleaned and filled with water.

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