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Solution to the failure of the self priming pump motor

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2019/3/11 15:03:02

  The self priming pump mainly generates centrifugal force by rotating the impeller in the pump, and the liquid flows along the channel to the volute. A vacuum is formed at the inlet of the pump so that the inlet water is opened and the air sucked into the inlet pipe enters the pump. In the impeller channel, the air is mixed with the water in the radial return hole (or return pipe) along the groove. The channel flows along the volute and enters the separation chamber. In the separation chamber, the air is separated from the liquid, and the liquid is returned to the impeller, so that the cycle is repeated until the air in the suction pipe is exhausted, so that the liquid enters the pump and is completed. Suction process.
  The problem of long-term use of self priming pump is inevitable. It is not to say that there is a problem with the quality of the products produced by the manufacturer. No matter what time is used, there will be some minor problems. Although it will not affect the work for a while, if it is not handled in time, the glitch will evolve into Big problem, so it is very important to learn some simple self-priming pump repair methods.
  Solution to the failure of the self priming pump motor:
  1. The pump still does not work after the power is turned on.
  It may be caused by the power plug or the line not moving, short circuit, etc.
  2, there is no noise when starting or starting.
  When the maintenance is over, the blade can be used to move the blade. If the motor can run normally, it means that the starting winding is damaged. The capacitor of the same capacity should be replaced or the starting winding should be repaired. If the motor is stuck, it is caused by the failure of the motor and the pump head, such as the bearing. Damage, impeller stuck, etc.
  3, the motor can run, but the speed is slow, the case is overheated and has a burnt smell.
  There may be a short circuit caused by the motor. The motor should be disassembled to see the seriousness of the damage repair.
  4. The noise is large during operation.
  Most of them are bearing damage or the bearing and the casing are not properly matched. It is necessary to disassemble the motor for inspection. If the bearing is damaged, it should be replaced. If the bearing is "running outside the circle", the matching surface of the pump casing can be treated with stencil; if the bearing is "running inside" "Circle", the wear part of the motor shaft can be treated with stencil, and the wear is severe. It is repaired by the method of turning after welding.

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