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Different categories of fire pumps and fire pump sets

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/3/15 16:39:55

  Fire pumps are widely used. In addition to providing water for fire piping systems, they can also be used for industrial water supply. Fire pumps can also be used in water supply and drainage systems in cities. There are other relatively long-distance water supply work, heating and cooling boiler circulation, heating and cooling, etc., can be operated by means of the fire pump system.

  Fire pumps used in different fields have different professional characteristics. For example, fire pumps in the ordinary sense are installed on professional fire engines or other special fire-fighting facilities for fire-fighting water and foam solutions. Pump. A non-powered fire pump, as its name suggests, is a fire pump without a power source. It uses a rotating impeller to transfer liquid.

  Vehicle fire pumps and marine fire pumps are all unpowered fire pumps. The biggest difference between them is that the vehicle fire pumps are installed on the chassis of the vehicle, while the marine fire pumps are installed on the tools such as ships. Engineering fire pumps are the most common, and are used in fire hydrant systems and foam fire suppression systems. Water supply fire pump refers to a fire pump specially designed to provide fire water supply engineering. The foam night fire pump is a special fire pump specially designed for conveying foam fire extinguishing agents. The deep well fire pump and the submersible fire pump are dedicated fire pumps for deep well pump engineering and submersible pump engineering, respectively.

  In addition to this, there is a fire pump set with a power source. It is mainly composed of four main parts, a set of fire pumps, a power source for powering the fire pump set, a control cabinet that controls the fire pump set, and some other auxiliary devices. Fire pump sets also have many categories with different professional characteristics. For example, a common fire pump group consisting mainly of ordinary fire pumps, a water supply fire pump group mainly composed of a water supply fire pump, a deep well fire pump group composed of a deep well fire pump, and a diving fire pump group composed of a diving fire pump, etc. .

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