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Several application scenarios of big capacity flood control dewatering pump

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/3/28 14:00:46

  The drainage pump mainly discharges the phenomenon that the city is intrinsic due to the municipal rainwater pipelines and equipment, the rainwater pipelines in the neighborhood or the factory, the urban road rainwater pipeline system due to the blockage of the pipelines or the excessive precipitation, so it is also known as the flood control drainage pump or Municipal drainage pump.
  The early flood control engineering rescue vehicle is equipped with a plurality of heavy and heavy-duty submersible pumps, and is equipped with a crane on the drainage rescue vehicle. Because the cast iron submersible pump is bulky and heavy, it moves during use and Inconvenient, the use of this must also be the source of water from the rescue vehicle must be the vehicle is equipped with a spreader that can be used to hang the pump into the water, if the rescue vehicle is more than 4-5 meters away from the water source Hard to use.
  The main reasons for using flood control drainage pumps are as follows:
  1. The rainfall is too large. It means that the amount of rainwater falling on the ground in a certain time range exceeds the large setting of the municipal drainage network. The unit is mm.
  2. The length of the rain. Due to long-term continuous rainfall, the phenomenon of urban stagnation may occur from time to time.
  3. The intensity of rainfall is too large. The average rainfall during a certain rainfall period is too large.
  4. The area covered by rainfall is too wide. For example, downstream of many places in the upper reaches of the river will be prone to grievances.
  In summary, the main reason for the rainwater falling to the surface area of ??the ground is due to the infiltration of rainwater into the ground, the absorption of plants, the interception of the shovel, etc., and the rainwater network that can not be discharged by the rainwater pipe network causes the accumulation of water. Phenomenon, so you need to use the flood control drainage pump to drain the low water into the river or other rainwater pipe network.

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