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The importance of self priming trash pump body seal

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/4/9 17:10:36

  At present, China's sewage pump industry is facing a new development situation. As the number of newly entered enterprises continues to increase, the prices of upstream raw materials continue to rise, resulting in lower profits of the industry. Therefore, the market competition in China's sewage pump industry is becoming increasingly fierce. Faced with this situation, enterprises in the sewage pump industry must respond actively, focus on cultivating innovation capabilities, continuously improve their production technologies, and strengthen their competitive advantages.

  In order to prevent sediment or water from entering the motor, the sewage pump requires sealing as a whole. The seal is divided into a dynamic seal and a static seal. The dynamic seal is mainly a seal caused by a rotating shaft. The static seal of the main parts of the sewage pump is often an "O" type seal ring, the joint of the sealed cable also becomes a static seal, and the large sewage pump is mostly sealed with a spiral structure. The dynamic seal adopts single-end mechanical seal, double-end mechanical seal, skeleton oil seal, etc. According to the different mechanical seal friction material of the medium, graphite, cemented carbide, polytetrafluoroethylene and the like can be selected respectively.

  Sewage pump seals may cause seal failure due to aging or damage, resulting in water leakage. The leakage of the sewage pump often causes short-circuit tripping. Therefore, the industrial sewage pump must be equipped with a protector. Once the leakage occurs, it can effectively protect the sewage pump and prevent secondary accidents. After the sewage pump motor enters the water, the motor must be dried to measure the insulation resistance to meet the requirements and replace the oil of the motor. The cable connector can be aging, such as shortening the cable or replacing the cable.

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