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What is the meaning of the electric fire pump equipped with an automatic inspection cabinet

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/4/10 11:05:59

  In the process of application, electric fire pumps are basically equipped with automatic patrol cabinets. What are the main functions of these during the use? In the process of application, this is a system of fire-fighting linkage alarms, which can make judgments for various situations, and can also give some alarms in time, so that we can actually extinguish fires at the time of departure.

  In the process of building fire, there are many places where we know that the electric fire pump can basically not start after receiving the start signal, so in this process, it directly affects the time of fire extinguishing, thus resulting in the safety of people and property. The loss of the aspect will directly lead to a very serious problem. In the process of facing this situation, we can be equipped with the relevant automatic inspection cabinet, then we can find these problems in time, and can make the mechanical performance of the system. In a good state, if you have problems, you can find out in time, and we will reduce a lot of troubles when we use them.

  Many electric fire pumps in the building are basically idle for a long time, and they are not used, so it is easy to have these problems that cannot be started. We are equipped with fire patrol cabinets, which have certain inspection functions and will follow certain Cycle, there is a corresponding time fixed speed to do some testing work, and then through these inspection processes, to ensure that this electric fire pump can work correctly, in the process of future use is also relatively normal A running state.

  From the above aspects, it can be seen that in the application process of the electric fire pump, if we have the corresponding inspection cabinet, we can really play the corresponding signal, and we can also do the electric fire pump in time. Check to avoid the problem that the equipment does not work when using an electric fire pump.

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