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self priming trash pump piping method is skillful

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  The self priming trash pump is a pump commonly used in the south. The principle is to use the flow velocity of the water, and the impeller drives the pump impeller to pump water onto the river bank. This type of pump can be pumped into the river, but it must be in a hurry or where there is a drop.

self priming trash pump

  The self priming trash pump is a positive displacement rotary pump. After the outlet end is blocked, the pressure will rise slowly so as to be greater than the predetermined pressure value. At this point, the motor load increases dramatically. The load of the parts related to the transmission machinery will also exceed the design value. In severe cases, the motor will burn out and the transmission parts will crack. In order to avoid damage, a bypass relief valve is generally installed at the outlet of The self priming trash pump to stabilize the outlet pressure and keep the pump running normally.

  The flow rate of the self priming trash pump is linear with the speed. If the speed is slowed down by the speed reduction mechanism or the stepless speed regulation mechanism, the speed can be maintained within a reasonable range of less than three hundred revolutions per minute. extend.

  The correct arrangement of the pipes of The self priming trash pump:

  1. The design flow rate of the suction pipe is generally 1.0-1.5m/s and the low is not less than 0.7m/s. In order to facilitate the removal of the accumulated air in the suction pipe, the horizontal portion of the suction pipe should be slightly raised in the direction of the water flow, and the pipe slope can be 0.005. When the connection between the suction pipe and the water pump needs to be tapered, an eccentric head should be used.

  2. When two or more sewage pumps are used in combination with one outlet pipe, the outlet pipe of each water pump shall be fitted with a valve, and a check valve shall be provided between the valve and the water pump; if the water pump uses a separate outlet pipe, and When freely flowing out, there is generally no check valve, so the valve should be installed in the horizontal section as much as possible to prevent dirt from depositing on the valve disc.

  3. The flow rate of the outlet pipe of The self priming trash pump is generally not less than 1.5m/s. When two or more pumps are combined with one outlet pipe and only one pump is working, the flow rate shall not be less than 0.7. m/s to avoid deposition in the tube. When the outlet pipe of the pump is connected to the water main pipe (connecting pipe), it shall not be connected from the bottom of the main pipe to prevent siltation in the outlet pipe of the pump when the pump stops running.

  4. Suction pipe of self-priming sewage pump Each self-priming pump should be provided with a separate suction pipe, and strive to be short to improve hydraulic conditions, reduce head loss, and reduce the possibility of impurities blocking the pipe.

  5. Self-filling type water pump, valve should be installed on the suction pipe for maintenance. If the pump is not self-priming, it should be started by vacuum pump or ejector. It is not allowed to set the bottom valve on the suction pipe. Because the bottom valve is easy to block in the sewage, it will affect the start of the pump and increase the head loss and electricity. Consumption.

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