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The difference between the pressure value between the high fire pump and the low pressure fire pump

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/5/13 10:23:56

  The high-pressure pump provides high-pressure power for high-pressure rotary jet cement slurry. It is used to strengthen and strengthen the weak foundation of new buildings, highways, high-speed railways, underground railways, etc., uneven settlement and rectification of old buildings, reservoir dams and under-floor buildings. The project anti-deep curtain, retaining earth cofferdam, mine plugging, well barrel retaining wall, slope anchoring, etc., high-pressure pump can also be used for high-pressure water flow assisted rock-breaking coal, underground hydraulic props for liquid supply, anchor inherent water expansion Metal anchors pump high-pressure water, large underground pipes to clear dredging, high-pressure water jet perforation or other areas that require high-pressure liquids.

  The most obvious difference between a high-pressure fire pump and a low-pressure fire pump is the level of pressure, but the difference behind this is certainly more than that. We need to know how to accurately distinguish it in order to better use it in practical work. The following is the structure after comparing the high pressure pump and the low pressure pump. It is not difficult to find out where the difference is.

  Firstly, from the appearance structure, the volume and material of the high-pressure fire pump and the low-pressure fire pump are different. The pump body of the high-pressure pump is obviously much larger, and its material requirements are relatively high, and it must have a basic pressure. And the ability to torque. There are also differences in the support methods used by the two pumps. The high-pressure pump is supported by the center, while the low-pressure pump is mainly supported by the pump foot.

  Careful observation shows that the types of bearings in the high-pressure pump and the low-pressure pump are different. Because the power of the high-pressure pump is relatively large, the sliding bearing can meet the requirements, and the rolling bearing can be used for the low-pressure pump. From the perspective of its internal performance, the specific speed and lift of the pump have different performances.

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