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The shaft of domestic diesel water pump basically adopts stepless design

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/5/14 17:37:17

  With the use of super-capacity fuel tanks for diesel engine pumps, the continuous operation time of the generators is greatly improved and the workload of the users is reduced. The industrial oil level indicator is used, which is more durable and reliable.

  The diesel engine water pump panel fittings are equipped with the German Yusha air switch, which is safe and reliable. The advanced OHV engine ensures efficient combustion, good combustion economy, low noise and vibration, light weight and small volume. The new aluminum alloy self-priming pump body and cast iron impeller/turbine cover greatly improve the durability of the pump. The diesel engine water pump adopts the international standard PF thread, which has strong versatility and can be equipped with different types of water pipes. It has large flow, high lift, stable performance, beautiful appearance, wide application range, checking whether the gasoline in the fuel tank is sufficient; fuel valve and oil pipeline Is there any oil leakage?

  Check whether the oil level of the diesel engine pump is between the upper limit and the lower limit; check the oil quality of the oil to determine whether it needs to be replaced; check whether the starting battery voltage is above 12V, and observe whether the appearance of the battery is damaged or leaked; if the generator set is not used for a long time, Starting the battery will lose power due to self-discharge. Please use an external charger to charge the battery. After 20 hours of initial use, the diesel engine water pump generator set should be replaced with oil and machine filter immediately. After every 100 hours of use, the oil and machine filter must be replaced. The air filter must be cleaned every 100 hours of the generator set, and must be replaced every 200 hours; The spark plug gap should be checked and the carbon deposit should be cleaned every 100 hours of the generator set, and replaced every 300 hours.

  The diesel engine water pump control system starts the engine and drives the self-priming pump to pump the fluid, which is convenient and quick. Equipped with lighting system to adapt to night work, it is an independent movable, without any auxiliary engineering; mobile work, ready to arrive; high displacement or long distance transportation; single person installation operation in a short time; no additional power supply and lifting equipment No complicated maintenance. The diesel engine pump does not need to be vacuumed and uses other means to assist pumping. After the pumping pipe is inserted into the required pumping place, the pumping and drainage can be quickly and directly started. The mechanical seal is assembled, and the mechanical seal is independently lubricated and cooled. The chamber is oil lubricated and the cooling chamber is maintained at 2 bar pressure.

  The shaft of the diesel water pump adopts a stepless design with a diameter of not less than 85 mm, which reduces the deflection of the shaft and prolongs the service life. It ensures that the rotor is operated under the rigid support of the two ends for a long time, and the two ends of the support are equipped with mechanical seals to ensure that the bearings are not in contact. Transfer material. Ensure that the shaft does not shift and reduce the amount of wear on the rotor and related components. Pumping capacity: ordinary plastic bags, textile bags, mud, hair and other debris can be smoothly pumped out and will not block the pump body. Diesel engine water pump imported metal skeleton rubber tube, outlet hose, and quick joint, 4-wheel or 2-wheel alloy steel chassis frame, hard steel soundproof cover, and trailer frame; control system: integrated panel Control.

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