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Safety issues for fire pump sets during start-up and operation

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/5/15 11:49:24

  The fire pump set is mainly divided into non-powered fire pump, vehicle fire pump, marine fire pump, engineering fire pump, water supply fire pump, high and low pressure fire pump, etc., so that it can be restricted by location and height, and can be used on land water. Homework, full play. The support of national policies for petrochemical, electric power, aerospace, transportation, construction and other industries, as well as the mandatory emission standards for environmental protection in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, has greatly promoted the development of fire pump set manufacturers and sewage pump manufacturers.

Fire pump set

  When the fire pump is in operation, it is necessary to observe the meter readings and try to make the pump work near the flow head specified on the nameplate to prevent large-flow operation. It works by moving the home page in the direction of rotation and then merging with the water from the right return hole and flowing along the volute. As the liquid continuously hits the cascade in the volute, it is continuously crushed by the impeller, and is stirred and mixed with the air to form a gas-water mixture, and continuously flows so that the gas and water cannot be separated. The mixture is peeled off at the outlet of the volute by the tongue and enters the separation chamber along the short tube. In the separation chamber, the air is separated and discharged by the outlet pipe, and the water still flows to the outer edge of the impeller through the left and right return holes, and is mixed with the air of the suction pipe. This cycle is repeated, gradually draining the air in the suction line, allowing water to enter the pump and completing the self-priming process.

  Start of the fire pump:

  1. For suction occasions, when the inlet is negative pressure, first fill the pipeline with water or use a vacuum pump to divert water so that the water fills the entire pump and inlet piping. Note that the inlet piping must be sealed and there must be no air leakage. The phenomenon exists.

  2. Close the gate valve and pressure gauge cock on the outlet pipe to reduce the starting current.

  3. Turn the rotor a few times by hand to lubricate the bearing and check whether the impeller and seal ring in the pump are running. If the rotation is not smooth, stop the operation immediately and find out the cause of the problem.

  4, test start, motor steering should be consistent with the arrow on the pump, open the meter plug.

  5. When the rotor reaches normal operation and the pressure gauge shows pressure, gradually open the outlet gate valve and adjust to the required working condition.

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