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What is the rated current and rated speed of a diesel pump?

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  Diesel generator sets are nominally used in China as the main power, ie continuous power. The maximum power that the generator set can use continuously within 24 hours is called continuous power. In a certain period of time, the standard is every 12 There is an hour in the hour that can be overloaded 10 on the basis of continuous power. The power of the unit at this time is the maximum power we usually call, that is, the standby power, that is, if you purchase the main 400kw unit. , then you can run to 440kw in 1 hour within 12 hours. If you buy a spare 400kw unit, if you do not overload the normal time at 400kw, the unit is always in overload condition (because the unit The actual rated power is only 360KW), which is very unfavorable for the unit, which will shorten the life of the unit and increase the failure rate. Therefore, the best power choice for diesel generator sets is to add 10% power reserve to the user's total load, which is both economical and practical.
  Rated power, rated voltage, rated frequency, wiring method, rated current and rated speed.
  1. Rated power: The mechanical power of the shaft that can work normally is input in the three-phase symmetrical alternating current of the rated voltage and rated frequency and in the compliant environment. That is the capacity.
  2. The rated voltage is the voltage to ensure the normal operation of the motor.
  The voltage is generally 220V, 380V, 3KV, 6KV and 10KV. The actual power supply voltage should generally be between 95% and 105% of the rated value, and can be relaxed to 90% to 110% when required.
  3. The rated frequency is the frequency at which the specified output speed of the motor is guaranteed.
  China's 50Hz, America and Japan are 60Hz.
  4. The wiring method is directly related to the voltage.
  China's small motor (low voltage) related standards stipulate that the voltage connected to the motor of 3KV and below is 220V, Y is connected at 380V; the motor above 3KV is connected at 380V.
  5. The rated current is the stator input line current when the rated voltage of the motor and the rated output power of the frequency.
  It is the most important parameter for selecting power distribution equipment and power equipment.
  IN=PN/ 3UN Ncos N
  IN... rated current (A)
  PN... rated power (W)
  UN... rated voltage (V)
  N... the efficiency standard specified in the technical conditions of the motor
  cosN... the power factor standard value specified in the technical conditions of the motor
  6. The rated speed is the rated voltage of the rated motor frequency. The rated output power is the rotor speed. (r/min) Generally, the motor has a slip of less than 3%, and the capacity is large and the value is small; the high slip motor can reach 5% to 10%.

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