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Fire pump use tips

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/8/12 9:46:38

  With the development of real estate, many buildings now use fire pumps. It has to be said that the scope of application of such tools is now more and more extensive. Of course, this situation and the function of fire pumps are increasing, and people’s awareness of safety is increasing. Closely related. But now many people may not know much about this tool, which is to know that this tool is very useful. Then it is impossible to use this tool skillfully when using a fire pump. So the following fire pump manufacturers will take you to see a few tips when using this tool.
  First, when the fire pump is purchased, if the bottom valve on the tool is found to be inappropriate, in some cases it will be larger, and in some cases it will be smaller, then it is the problem of the fire pump manufacturer, not for convenience. If you continue to use it, you should carefully check the bottom valve, and it is not compatible with the machine. If so, contact the manufacturer to make a better size valve.
  Second, if the gap of the impeller is too large in the process of using this tool, then it is necessary to check whether the gap is normal, which is also relatively easy to appear in the process of use. When this happens, check the cause and then take the appropriate action.
  Third,If the diameter of the impeller is too small during the process of use, it will definitely have a great impact on the progress of the work during the work. Of course, it cannot be said that the impeller is completely unqualified, but it is used. The process must be affected, so the impeller should be replaced so that the machine can work better.

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