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How to ensure that the self priming trash pump is economical and energy efficient

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/8/15 14:04:21

  The self priming trash pump is a self-priming and non-blocking sewage pumping system. It adopts a mixture of axial recirculation and through the unique design of the pump body and impeller flow passage, it can transport clean water or sewage with particles and fibers. stool. Widely used in municipal sewage treatment projects, river pond culture manure treatment, sedimentation of waste minerals, light industry, paper, food, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, paddles and mixtures and other chemical media. The sewage pump has a strong suction and no blockage structure design.
  The self priming trash pump does not have problems such as cavitation damage and water infusion, especially the latter point brings great convenience to the operator; the generated vibration noise is small, the temperature rise of the motor is low, and the environment is not polluted. Thereby achieving energy saving and power saving! Before the first self-priming pump, the sewage self-priming pump only needs to inject 2/3 of the water into the pump casing of the self-priming pump, and then automatically sucks up the water after starting the self-priming pump. The sewage self-priming pump is very easy to start, and it is also very convenient to use. It is widely used in the irrigation and water conservancy project of farmland irrigation in China.
  Economic and energy saving small moves:
  1. Minimize the pipeline.
  2. Try to increase the diameter of the outlet pipe.
  3. Under the premise of ensuring clean water, the filter can be removed.
  4. Clear the blockage in the pipeline in time. The foreign matter remains in the inlet pipe, the impeller or the flow path of the diversion casing, which will reduce the amount of water.
  5. Do not use the "anti-aircraft gun" type water outlet. Because this outlet pipe increases energy consumption. At the same time, the water outlet of the pump should be facing the pool.
  6. If you can use the motor, you don't need a diesel engine or a gasoline engine. You can use a three-phase asynchronous motor without a single-phase asynchronous motor.
  7. Carefully check the seals of the pump to prevent the pump from entering the air. If the pump is in the air, the amount of water will be significantly reduced.

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