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The fire pump is not too high compared to the price of a common pump.

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/9/6 17:23:26

  The fire pump is one of the pumps and is widely used in fire protection systems. Fire pumps are also used in many other industries and fields. The fire pump has the advantages that the ordinary pump can't match, the reliability is high, and the use is very reliable. Many people are very convinced of the performance of the fire pump, but considering the price is a bit hesitant, the price of fire pumps is much higher than other pumps?
  The fire pump is a classification of the pump according to its function. It was designed to be used in fire protection. The fire pump applied to the fire protection system is a device that “has a soldier for a long time”. Multi-level fire pumps are rarely used, and only when a fire occurs, will it play a big role.
  Since fire pumps are rarely used on weekdays, they need better anti-rust and anti-corrosion capabilities. This requires fire pumps to be much higher in material selection than ordinary pumps. In terms of impellers, which are important components of water pumps, ordinary pumps generally use materials such as cast iron, and fire pumps generally use copper alloys.
  When a fire occurs, the fire pump needs to deliver the fire water stably and continuously. Therefore, the reliability, stability, heat dissipation and starting speed of the fire pump are highly demanded, so it is necessary to design the XBD fire more rationally. Pumps, better quality materials, and more advanced manufacturing processes.
  Therefore, the price of fire pumps is higher than that of ordinary pumps. However, the overall performance of the fire pump is much higher than that of the ordinary water pump, so the daily maintenance cost is much lower than that of the ordinary water pump, and the service life of the fire pump is long, so that the price of the fire pump is not high.

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