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Fire machinery emergency start pump device problem

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/9/10 10:47:49

  When the control circuit of the signal line or the fire pump control box is faulty, the fire pump cannot be started automatically or manually. The main mechanical contactor of the fire pump is directly closed by the fire machine emergency start pump on the fire pump control box door to start the fire. Water pump.
  The working principle of the fire-fighting machinery emergency starting device: According to the latest specification (implemented in 2014.5.1), the fire hydrant pump is directly pumped by the fire center, the pump control cabinet and the flow switch. The former two have always existed, the flow switch is only available in the new specification. It is installed in the water outlet of the fire hose of the sky surface. When the water volume of the water tank reaches a certain value (generally 3L/S), the water pump is automatically started; the spray pump is powered by the fire center. The pump control cabinet and the wet alarm valve pressure switch directly start the pump.
  Fire pump mechanical emergency starting device, this equipment has two starting modes: star triangle and direct start. When the control circuit in the fire pump control cabinet fails to make the fire pump start normally, the repair will encounter the personnel quality and time limit. The fire alarm is an emergency situation, so the fire pump mechanical emergency starting device can guarantee Under the condition of normal power supply, no matter how the line can be forced to start, it ensures the timeliness of fire fighting and is a reliable defense line to ensure everyone's safety.
  General equipment should be equipped with protection equipment such as overheating, overload, and voltage loss. The mechanical emergency starting device must completely avoid these measures, that is, install a double-throw switch, such as HS13 type load switch, for manual operation. Turn on the device. On the electrical schematic, this knife switch should skip the above protective measures and operate the fire pump directly without any control lines. A mechanical emergency start-up device operating handle is arranged on the fire pump control cabinet for mechanically closing the contactor and emergency starting the fire pump.

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