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The fire pump pressure must meet the standard to function properly.

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  Fire pumps, I believe everyone is familiar. Simply put, a fire pump is a type of pump that pumps liquids for fire protection purposes. There are many types of fire pumps, and the classification is different. Friends who have used fire pumps should be able to use soft start analysis. It should be said that depending on the situation, we generally use different startup methods, so the selection method is very important, but in actual use, like fire hydrant Pumps and spray pumps are mostly soft-started. Fire-fighting electric control devices such as pump control cabinets and fan control cabinets cannot adopt variable frequency starting mode. Is it possible to use a soft start? Be aware that the use of fire pumps must be based on the correct start-up method. In many cases, the choice of start-up method depends on the equipment used, so as to avoid more problems. It can be seen that the flow rate and head of the fire pump and the speed of the smoke-proof fan are all calculated. Their design parameters are calculated based on their rated values. In order to ensure their normal performance, they must be put into rated work during emergency start. State, so you can use variable frequency start-up, and you can't use soft starter.
  Before the fire pump is operated, the pressure must first reach the standard. For this reason, the commissioning phase must check the pressure. So what if the pressure does not meet the standard? What caused it? 80% of the fire pump pressure is not up to standard may be the motor reversal. In the face of motor reversal, we need to see three-phase wires, and you can solve any one of them by changing the phase sequence. First, check whether the pressure reaches the standard stable operation of the fire pump, please do a good job of debugging.
  Second, according to whether the fire pump has a power source can be divided into fire pumps without power source, also known as pumps. And a fire pump set with a power source, also known as a pump set. Among them, according to the pressure level of the fire pump outlet, the unpowered fire pump can be subdivided into medium and low pressure non-powered fire pumps with relatively low outlet pressure, medium-pressure unpowered fire pumps with relatively moderate outlet pressure, and the export pressure is relatively biased. High high and low pressure unpowered fire pumps, as well as high pressure unpowered fire pumps with relatively high outlet pressures.

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