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What to consider when accepting high pressure fire water pumps

Author: Source: Posted On: 2019/12/26 15:58:38

  The provisions of the fire pump are divided into different types according to different classification methods. With its characteristics of full seal, no leakage and corrosion resistance, the pump types are similar, but the head and flow are different. The selection basis of fire pumps should be in accordance with the selection and application, the main materials should be in compliance with the requirements, the axial flow deep well pumps should be in compliance with the regulations, the buildings without the need for a backup pump, the flow and pressure test equipment in the pump room should comply with the regulations, The water absorption should meet the requirements, the suction pipe, outlet pipe and valve of the centrifugal fire pump should comply with the regulations, when there are two channels of fire water supply and the fire pump is allowed to directly absorb water, the requirements should be met, the pressure gauge should meet the requirements, and other nine aspects shall be considered. .
  Focus on acceptance of fire pumps:
  1. Performance data and product qualification certificates of main equipment such as water pumps, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants, fire water pump adapters and gate valves, construction acceptance records for concealed projects, pipeline water flushing records, pipeline pressure test records, water pumps and other fire protection applications Records of trial operation of electrical equipment and records of handling of engineering quality accidents.
  2. General inspection of system installation: Mainly check whether the installation of major equipment such as fire pumps, pump adapters, fire water pool intakes, indoor and outdoor fire hydrants and gate valves are in accordance with the drawings, whether they are convenient to use, and whether there are correct obvious signs. Are there any appearance damage and obvious defects; whether the normally closed or normally closed gate valves in the system are in accordance with the original design requirements.
  3. System comprehensive function test: According to the different requirements of the original design, the fire pump is tested automatically, manually, remotely and in situ in the pump room. The main pump and the auxiliary pump of the fire pump are backup functions. Interchange test; system pressure test and water supply test.

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