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Diesel self-priming pump with bottom valve, Borra has something to say!

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/1/15 16:56:08

  A distinct feature of self-priming pumps from centrifugal pumps is that they do not need to be filled with water during use. But when you use it for the first time, you must remember to fill the pump cavity with water and use it for a lifetime, because the pump body does not store liquid itself. If you do not fill it with water for the first time, the pump will Idling, not only can't suck up the liquid, but also burn out the seals and other parts of the pump body due to idling, so we must pay attention to this point.
  So, is it better to install the bottom valve of the diesel self-priming pump or not? Generally, there is no need to install the bottom valve, as long as a filter is installed, because the inlet of the self-priming pump generally has its own The return valve is also a one-way valve that we often say. In this way, after the pump is stopped, the liquid in the pump body cannot return to the original tank and is stored in the pump body. It's liquid.
  If the bottom valve is added, the effect will be better, because if the check valve is damaged sometimes, the bottom valve is used as a guarantee to prevent idling, and the addition of the bottom valve will effectively ensure the effective suction of the pump. Cheng!
  Another special case, but if the suction height differs too much, or the diameter of the suction pipe is too large, and the volume exceeds the amount of liquid stored in the pump cavity of the self-priming pump, it will not work properly. At this time, a bottom valve must be installed to ensure that the self-priming is safe and fast, and the suction stroke is slightly increased.
  What are the disadvantages of installing a bottom valve for a diesel self-priming pump: if it is a mobile pump, it is often disassembled, and the water cannot be discharged when the valve is stopped when there is a bottom valve, and the water pipe is difficult to pull up to the water surface.

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