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The sewage pump is leaking, the problem is not as serious as you think

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2020/3/20 16:08:40

Problems with the long-term use of the sewage pump are inevitable, such as water leakage. But you should n’t worry too much, as long as there is no damage or swelling of the water ring or the failure of the spring force of the water seal or breakage, emergency treatment can be performed. How to do specific measures? And see below ...
First let's understand the cause of water leakage from the lower sewage pump
1. When the sewage pump is installed, the water seal seat assembly is not installed in place, causing the pump to continue to leak water. Because the pump shaft corresponding to the inspection hole has a water blocking (flicking) ring, when the water seal leaks, the cooling water will be thrown out and dripping out of the pump's viewing hole when it encounters the water blocking ring along the pump shaft. Cooling water flows into the bearings to damage lubrication. In addition, when replacing the water retaining ring, care is not taken to clear that the pump body and the pump cover cannot be well combined and sealed, which will also cause the pump to leak water.
2. In winter, if you forget to release water or the water is not clean, and the temperature is too high during the discharge, the freezing of the water vapor in the cooling system may cause the pump body of the sewage pump to be frozen and cracked, resulting in water leakage.
3. The working environment of construction machinery is harsh, which may cause uneven wear of bakelite seals and the end face of the bushing; the spring is immersed in water for a long time, which is easy to rust, the elasticity is reduced, and it can cause water leakage.
4. The machine is old, and the wear, rust and aging of the parts inside the water seal are also the reasons for the water leakage of the pump. When the engineering machinery is parked for a long time, the bakelite seals are deformed due to dryness and shrinkage because there is no cooling water in the engine; although the bakelite seals will swell after adding water, but will not fully return to their original state, which will cause a small amount of water leakage. In addition, for newly installed water pumps, the bakelite seals and cast iron bushes have not completely run in, which will also cause a small amount of water leakage in the water pumps.
Second, emergency treatment measures of sewage pump
If you find that the water pump of the engine is leaking, do not stop it immediately. Keep it at a low stable speed, and at the same time add water to the inside of the cooling system. Cover to prevent scalding from the water vapor), cool down the engine, drive for a short time and at a slow speed, and drive to a nearby hidden place before removing it. If the pump casing is suddenly broken and leaks water, or the internal parts of the pump are damaged and the pumping effect is lost, the relevant parts can be replaced as appropriate to eliminate the fault.
If the sewage pump is very damaged and there is no repair condition on the way, you can directly connect the water inlet and outlet pipes of the pump to make full use of the natural circulation of hot and cold water to temporarily maintain the normal temperature of the engine; or use an inner tube or bucket As a container, fix it firmly, then lead two rubber hoses out of the container, one connected to the water inlet of the engine and the other connected to the water outlet of the engine. The other ends of the two pipes are inserted Container, and the hose should be fixed firmly.

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