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Convenient movement and complete functions are the highlights of trailer mounted dewatering pump

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2020/3/23 11:09:45

With the development of modern society, the process of urbanization and industrialization is accelerating. As a necessary equipment for modern social life, the pump is widely used in various working conditions such as life, industrial water supply, chemical industry, medicine, fire protection, sewage treatment, agricultural irrigation and so on. However, due to the use of the environment, it is difficult to adapt to the fixed diesel pump in many places. At this time, the trailer mounted dewatering pump is a set of independent equipment, supporting the automatic control and emergency functions of the control cabinet, so that the startup and running process of the diesel engine is completely rid of The traditional electric pump operation method is more and more favored by customers.
Trailer mounted dewatering pump is installed in the trailer or skid by the pump and diesel engine, electrical meters, pipelines and other equipment. It can be towed or transported by the vehicle, and can be put into operation anytime, anywhere. It is mainly used for emergency water supply. It is more convenient and flexible than fixed diesel pumps and easy to move to suit different places. It is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency self-priming (or vacuum diversion device) centrifugal pumps and multi-stage pumps. To meet all kinds of needs.
The design of trailer mounted dewatering pump always considers the front of the emergency. What is important for emergency emergency repair is time and zero error and efficient action. Wherever there is a need, mobile, labor-saving, portable, light-weight product appearance, where there is a need, arrived like a fighter.
Self-powered, there will not be the embarrassment of no electricity on the spot, nor fear of the dilemma of lack of power on the site and inability to operate. Having a self-sufficient power supply system is itself a power generation device. As long as a professional operator starts the trailer-type drainage pump truck scientifically, there will be no other failures during the whole process. The water is conveyed rapidly, and the speed of diverting water is also fast. It can be easily handled at different distances, large and small, and a pump truck can have both water supply and drainage, fire protection and flood resistance, production, etc., which are very useful. Especially in the application of emergency water diversion and drainage, most municipal and road managers are satisfied with their choices.
The trailer-type drainage pump with perfect functions and excellent quality is constantly being upgraded to meet the needs of more consumer groups. The installation is convenient and the installation process is continuously simplified. The exit is equipped with a shutter to stop the water. The gate and the pump are highly integrated and harmonious. The improved design of the working conditions and conditions of the drainage pumping station can customize the actual needs of drainage or irrigation, and the design is in place. The two-way drainage and irrigation is also the highlight of the pumping station.

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