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The correct starting method of self priming pump

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/5/11 14:09:50

The self priming pump is a kind of pump equipment that is widely used in industry. Because it is very easy to start and easy to use, it is used in farmland injection water conservancy projects in China.
Before starting the pump for the first time, you only need to inject 2/3 of the water into the pump casing of the self-priming self priming pump, and then you can actively suck the water after starting the self-priming self-priming pump.
The correct starting method of self priming pump
1. According to the working condition of the pump, use high-quality calcium-based butter and No. 10 oil for lubrication. If the grease-lubricated pump should be filled with grease into the bearing box regularly, the oil-lubricated pump should be used. If the oil level is insufficient, then Plus enough.
2. Jog the non-sealed self-control self priming pump, pay attention to the correct rotation of the pump shaft.
3. If the temperature of the liquid in the pump is too high to cause difficulty in self-priming, you can temporarily stop, use the liquid in the discharge line to flow back into the pump, cool the liquid in the pump, and then start.
4. Pay attention to the abnormal sound and vibration when turning.
5. Check the coaxiality and parallelism of the pump shaft and the motor shaft.
6. The storage fluid can be directly injected into the pump body from the liquid filling port on the pump casing. It should not be started when the storage fluid is insufficient, otherwise it will not work properly, and it is easy to damage the mechanical seal.
7. Before the pump enters the normal infusion operation, that is, the process of self-priming, special attention should be paid to the rise of the water temperature in the pump. If the process is too long and the water temperature in the pump is too high, stop the pump and check the cause.
8. The self priming pump is stopped for some reason during the working process and needs to be restarted, which is conducive to the discharge of gas from the discharge port during the self-priming process, and can ensure that the tip starts under a lighter responsibility.

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