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The rubber seal of the self priming trash pump fails, the problem may appear here

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/5/21 9:19:19

Rubber seals are a type of basic element in the sealing device of self priming trash pump. Although rubber and plastic seals are small, their role cannot be underestimated! Play a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing. It is a kind of rubber products widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber has precious elastic polymer materials and a wide temperature range, a small deformation in different media will produce a large deformation. This deformation can provide contact pressure, compensate for leakage gaps, and achieve the purpose of sealing. .
The failure of the rubber seal is a problem that the self priming trash pump will inevitably encounter after long-term use. Generally speaking, the main causes of its failure include:
1. Due to the high temperature of the rubber seal or the long-term use of the rubber seal in high-temperature oil, the rubber will age and lose its elasticity and fail.
2. Damage caused by the wear of the rubber seal surface. For example, the sealing surface of the rubber oil seal and the rotating shaft is damaged due to friction, which makes the rubber oil seal invalid.
3. Due to the excessive pressure of the rubber seal, deformation and failure. If the O-shaped rubber sealing ring is deformed after being used, it cannot be used after being disassembled. A new sealing ring should be replaced.
During maintenance, if it is found that the rubber seal used in the self-priming sewage pump fails, generally speaking, it can not continue to be used, and a new rubber seal should be replaced to ensure the reliability of the sewage pump seal.
Replace the new rubber seal early, and repair the damaged parts of the rubber seal. If the rubber oil seal is damaged, at the same time when the rubber oil seal is replaced, the worn parts of the shaft journal should be repaired;
1. If the abrasion of the shaft journal surface is not large, the journal surface can still be used after a little treatment.
2. Spraying method If the surface of the journal has considerable wear, but the depth of the worn part is not more than 1mm, the worn part of the journal can be repaired by oxyacetylene powder spraying method.
3. Inlay method If the surface of the journal wears deeply, the wear part of the journal should be properly reduced, and another steel sleeve should be installed.

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