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Easy to move is just one of the many advantages of mobile water pump

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/6/18 10:50:31

The mobile water pump is mainly used in agriculture and industrial irrigation, which can provide users with timely and sufficient water resources and solve the problem of water resources for the production. The big advantage is that it can move freely. Yes, the mobile performance of this pump is very good, which can facilitate your use to a greater extent.
  Many advantages of mobile pump application
   1. Maintenance-free battery, additionally equipped with the mains intelligent charging device.
   2. The user only needs to connect the inlet/outlet pipe and exhaust pipe.
   3. The mobile water pump is suitable for mobile sewage, mobile water supply and pumping places. It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable structure, simple installation, high degree of automation, superior performance, complete protection functions and high cost performance.
   4. Pump bottom fuel tank, low fuel automatic exhaust delivery pump.
   5. Fully intelligent control operation, full digital display, setting and control; pump head and flow display.
   6. The system has a communication interface, which can be directly networked with the control center to realize four remote control, namely remote adjustment, remote communication, remote monitoring, and yi, which are used for monitoring and operation records.
7. Diesel engine all-round protection: high cooling temperature, low air temperature (below 4℃), overspeed, low speed, low oil pressure, low fuel level, low battery voltage, high battery voltage, speed signal is not calibrated and the pump water pressure is too low and Early warning for excess flow.
8. No speed signal of mobile pump, low speed, low oil pressure, high cooling temperature, overspeed, start failure, shutdown failure, open/short circuit of water temperature sensor, open/short circuit of oil pressure sensor, open/short circuit of speed sensor, water pressure of pump Automatic warning for low and over flow!

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