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Two reasons why the head of the self priming pump can not reach the expected effect

Author: admin Source: The internet Posted On: 2020/7/27 10:29:32

Self priming pumps are developing rapidly. In the field of small pumps, it is developing towards high speed, small size, high head, and automatic control. The structure is composed of impeller, pump body, pump shaft, bearing, sealing ring and stuffing box. This has a unique scientific nature. The pump cavity is equipped with a liquid suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a liquid return check valve, a gas separation chamber, and a return hole. The self-priming pump only needs to be primed before the initial start-up, and there is no need to repeat the primed fluid afterwards. So, what should I do if the lift fails to reach in actual use?
   If the newly purchased self priming pump fails to reach the head, it may be one of the following reasons;
   1. The type selection is wrong, the actual head of the self priming pump is lower than the actual working condition head.
   can be solved by replacing equipment with higher head.
   2. The inlet pipe is too long and exceeds the self-priming capacity of the equipment;
   It is recommended to control the pipes submerged in water within one meter, reduce the pipe distance and improve the self-priming efficiency.
  3. There is debris at the water inlet and outlet, which is also the reason that the head cannot be reached;
   It is recommended to check the water inlet and outlet for impurities before use.
   4. A bottom valve is installed at the water inlet of the water inlet pipe of the equipment, and the bottom valve cannot be sucked up normally;
   It is recommended to use a suitable foot valve.
   5. The pump body purchased by oneself is installed with the existing motor, and the motor speed cannot meet the requirements of the self priming pump, which is the reason why the head cannot be reached.
  The reason why the self priming pump in use cannot reach the head:
1. The transported liquid is very corrosive and the impeller is severely corroded. It is recommended to use a fluoroplastic self priming pump for the highly corrosive liquid, or use too long to cause the impeller to wear, and the gap between the impeller and the pump cover is too large. The reason leading to the unreachable head.
   2. There are particulate impurities in the conveyed liquid, which causes the water inlet and outlet pipes to be blocked, and the equipment head will not reach the original value.

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