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The advantages of the trailer type design of the trailer mounted dewatering pump

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/8/3 13:44:04

Trailer mounted dewatering pump is mainly used for emergency water supply. When the diesel water pump unit is in a non-electric state, the water diversion device can be quickly started with a low-power diesel engine to make the water pump in a water-filled state to meet the water absorption capacity. This device is a simple water pump for automatic operation , Get rid of the cumbersome self-irrigation diversion. It is convenient and flexible to move, and it is easy to move to suit different places. It is equipped with high-quality and high-efficiency self-priming (or vacuum water diversion device) centrifugal pump and multi-stage pump. To meet various needs.
  Trailer mounted dewatering pump trailer-type design, aiming at random application needs, such as mine, highway emergency drainage, etc. The mobility of the crew trailer brings convenience to the use of the crew. The trailer mounted dewatering pump station is equipped with a sturdy tractor head, which can be easily connected to the tractor to any place.
  The control system integrates digital technology, with a microprocessor as the core, multiple languages ​​for selection, automatic control, and economic operation. And it has the characteristics of strong maneuverability, large displacement, high suction lift, fast water filling time, quick takeover, stable performance, safety and efficiency, strong power, and easy maintenance.
There is no need to disassemble the pipeline system, which can realize fast maintenance. The pump is designed with a viewing window and a water discharge port. When large particles, long and thick fibers enter the pump body, the observation port can be easily opened and taken out; in addition, when the use is completed, you can pass At the same time, open the inspection window and the water outlet to completely discharge the sewage or debris in the pump body to facilitate non-destructive storage and light transportation, ensure that it can be accessed at any time, and is ready for 24 hours.


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