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How to reduce energy consumption by self priming trash pump, here is the method

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/8/6 9:31:17

The self priming trash pump can not only need to install a bottom valve, do not need to fill water, but also can suck sewage and colloidal liquids containing large particle solids, sediments, waste mineral impurities, etc. Realize the integration of self-priming and sewage. Effectively reduce the labor intensity of workers, easy to use, easy to move, easy to install, minimal maintenance, and stable performance.
   In the actual use process of the self priming trash pump, it will always suffer from energy consumption, so what methods can we use to reduce energy consumption? There are more than one way...
   1. Shorten the pipeline.
   2. Try to enlarge the diameter of the outlet pipe.
   3. The filter screen can be removed under the premise of ensuring that the corrosion-resistant pump inlet is clean.
  4. Try to use coupling for direct transmission. This is because coupling direct transmission is more efficient than belt transmission.
   5. Carefully check the sealing parts of the corrosion-resistant pump to prevent the pump from air intake. If the water pump enters air, the water output will be significantly reduced.
   6. No need for "anti-aircraft gun" type water outlet. Because this outlet pipe increases energy consumption. At the same time, make the water outlet of the pump face the pool.
   7. Clear the blockage in the pipeline in time. Foreign matter remaining in the inlet pipe, impeller or flow channel of the diversion shell will reduce the water output.
   8. Those that can use electric motors do not need diesel or gasoline engines, and those that can use three-phase asynchronous motors do not need single-phase asynchronous motors.


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